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Thank you to Law Offices of C. Ashley Callahan, P.C. for an extremely generous donation!

 This donation, in addition to a matching funds grant we were fortunate enough to

to receive from MLB's Baseball Tomorrow Fund made this scoreboard purchase possible.

Callahan Law Logo.png

World Class Litigation Services in Austin, TX

Scoreboard 12202018.jpg


Thank you to the anonymous donor who generously donated a bunker rake to help maintain our field!

Thank you for supporting Akins Baseball! 

We appreciate you!

Our Booster Club is seeking tax deductible donations of product, materials, labor, and/or monetary donations to help fund our Wish List items:

  • Cover batting cage and bullpen area;

  • Replace damaged chain link fencing, and add additional fencing and gates;

  • Build a player changing and storage facility

  • Build indoor batting and hitting facility;

  • Build a restroom facility

  • Upgrade concession stand


  • Extend dugouts - Jan 2021

  • Improve and modernize dugouts - July 2019

  • Acquire a working scoreboard (WiFi with pitch count) - Dec 2018

  • Extend fencing on top of backstop to minimize lost foul balls - Dec 2018

  • Build bullpens and player development area - Dec 2018

If you are able to help us fulfill one or more of our wishes with a product or monetary donation,

Coach Salazar or a member of our Board would love to talk with you!

W. Charles Akins High School Baseball Booster Club, Inc. is exempt from federal taxes

under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Donations to W. Charles Akins High School Baseball Booster Club, Inc.

are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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